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Data and Switch Centers


Enova has been at the forefront of designing cooling systems for Data Centres.

We have used water-cooled centrifugal chillers with dual piping network. We have also used air cooled chillers with ring main, PHE and Precision type air handlers.

Key considerations

  • Use of several High Delta T air-cooled chillers with inlet and outlet temperatures being 18 degrees C and 26 degrees C respectively,

  • Ease of scalability.

  • Evaporative cooling pads on condensers to reduce power consumption.

  • Chillers with Quick Start feature.

  • Water supply to CRAH units through PHE that allows for different Data Halls to maintain different temperatures.

  • Positive pressurisation of Data Halls and ancillary spaces to prevent corrosion of IT equipment thereby enhancing their durability and reliability.

  • Use of DX system for effective moisture removal from fresh air to control Room RH.

  • Hot or Cold aisle containment.

  • Provision for adding thermal storage system in future.

  • Project target PUE: 1.30.

  • Comfort cooling of office spaces with VRF system.

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